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[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

This topic will help you start eety.

Eety Desktop application

The Desktop program is a standalone application

To launch it:

  • Double-click the desktop shortcut icon.

  • Right click a solution file in the Windows Explorer and click the menu item Open With...

With the Desktop program you can:

  • Create, open or save a solution file.

  • Build the application.

  • Test the application.

  • Run the application in an external console.

Eety Console application

The Console program can only be launched associated with a solution file.

To launch it:

  • Double-click a solution file in the Windows file explorer.

  • Click the run application in the Solution explorer.

With the Console program you can:

  • Run/ stop the workflows using the console toolbar.

  • Automatically run scheduled workflows.